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DigLit Project

A Digital Toolkit for ESL/EFL Classroom to Combat Social Inequalities in Times of Covid19 Crises

For teachers

The DigLit project aims to create a toolkit and material collections for ESL/EFL teachers to share and embed digital education to enhance awareness of social inequalities, diversity, and equality through the usage of young adult literature in combination with popular smart phones app.

For pupils

The DigLit project increases pupils’ cultural and equality awareness which will eventually influence their critical thinking, as well as their social and civic competences. DigLit will also support digital competences for teacher and pupils, specifically in times of Covid-19.

Develop ESL/EFL methodologies to support school use of the DigLit Toolkit integrated in the curriculums

Create a Pupil Guide to facilitate the application of the toolkit

Produce a collection of Young Adult Literature for ESL/EFL available on the website

Produce a collection of media files to use in school and community settings

Teaching Principles

The DigLit project is driven by the principle that innovative teaching resources form part of broader pedagogic strategies that can actively help tackle issues of social inequality and foster digital education. It facilitates action that addresses issues of diversity and equality common across the EU as declared in the Paris Declaration from 2015.

Curriculum Integration

The importance of enhancing social, civic, and intercultural competences, critical thinking and media literacy as well as fostering the education of disadvantaged children and young adults were at the heart of the Paris Declaration and DigLit’s aim and objectives are closely aligned with many of the recommendations made in the declaration.