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Conference Program

Mediating Social Challenges: Art, Storytelling & Teaching Practices

This conference aims at reflecting on art, literature, storytelling, and digital methods as means to mediate our social challenges in teaching practices and to challenge normative perceptions of identity, while also promoting students’ multiliteracy skills. It is organized by the Center for Inter-American Studies of the University of Graz as part of the DigLit Eramus+ project and the KinderKunstHochschule Steiermark.

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May 5 – 6, 2023
University of Graz
Heinrichstraße 36, 8010 Graz, AUSTRIA

May 5, 2023

Time Location
8.30-9.00RegistrationHeinrichstr. 36
9.00-10.30Conference Opening Roberta Maierhofer (Conference Organizer, Director of Center for Inter-American Studies, University of Graz)   Elisabeth Pecina (OeAD: Austria’s Agency for Education and Internationalization)   Keynote I: Vicky Macleroy (Goldsmith University London, UK) How can the Filmmaking, Poetry and Artwork of Multilingual Digital Storytelling Create Spaces for Activist Citizenship, Stories of Hope and Resilience, and Multilingual Literacy? Chair: Nicole HaringHeinrichstr. 36 11.01
10.30-11.00Coffee BreakHeinrichstr. 36
11.00-12.45Panel I: Digital Storytelling Chair: Julie Prochinig   Digital Storytelling as Transgressive Pedagogy: Promoting Students’ Multiliteracy Skills in Translator and Interpreter Education Claus Michael Hutterer and Stefan Baumgarten (University of Graz, Austria)   Using Digital Storytelling in EFL Teacher Education at the University of Pécs Réka Lugossy and Mónika Fodor (University of Pécs, Hungary)   “Stop comparing yourself to a wrong stereotype”: Taking Action in the ELT Classroom through Combining Young Adult Literature with Digital Storytelling Fabiana Fazzi, Marcella Menegale, Carmel Mary Coonan, Maria Elisa Fina, Elisa Da Lio, and Sofia Guzzon (Ca’Foscari University Venice, Italy)   Intergenerational Digital Storytelling with Educators – A Feminist Approach Nicole Haring (University of Graz, Austria)  Heinrichstr. 36 11.01
12.45-13.30LunchUni Café at Heinrichstr. 36
13.30-15.00Panel II: Storytelling & Museums Chair: Nicole Haring    Whose (hi)story is it anyway? – Using Digital Storytelling to Diversify Representation in the Museum Julia Baier (University of Graz, Austria)   Developing Critical Literacy Skills through Stories and Exhibitions Nóra Wünsch-Nagy (University of Pécs, Hungary)   Migrant Students’ Translingual Podcasts across the Classroom and the Museum: Benefits and Challenges Claudia Meneghetti and Fabiana Fazzi (Ca’ Foscari University Venice, Italy)Heinrichstr. 36 11.01
15.00-15.15Coffee BreakHeinrichstr. 36
15.15-16.15Keynote II: Victoria Showunmi (University College London, UK) Visible, Invisible Women in Higher Education Chair: Nicole HaringHeinrichstr. 36 11.01
16.15-16.30Coffee BreakHeinrichstr. 36
16.30-18.15Panel III: Young Adult Literature & Reading Practices Chair: Fabiana Fazzi   Balancing Facts and Fiction in Climate Change Literature for Young Adults Andrea Färber (University of Graz, Austria)   The Narrative Re-Creation Model: A Multimodal Approach to Inter- and Transcultural Literary Learning Nina Reibenschuh (University of Graz, Austria)   Young Adult Literature in the EFL Classroom: Designing a Digital Social Reading Project with Actively Learn Sofia Guzzon (Ca’ Foscari University Venice, Italy)   The Role of Interactive Books in the Development of Reading and Reading Comprehension Emőke Varga and Gabriella Daróczi (University of Szeged, Hungary) Heinrichstr. 36 11.01
19.00Mayor´s ReceptionCity Hall Graz

May 6, 2023

Time Location
9.00-10.00Keynote III: Adelina Sanchez (University of Granada, Spain) Researching Pedagogically for Social Intervention: The “Gender-Response-able Literary and Visual Labs (ResLab)” in the Context of Feminist Transnational Networks Chair: Nicole HaringHeinrichstr. 36 11.01
10.00-10.30Coffee Break 
10.30-12.15Panel IV: Combating Inequalities in the Classroom Chair: Anamari Slemensek   Shame, Fear and the Feeling of Not-Belonging: Reflecting on Class and Classism through Storytelling Iris Mendel and Lisa Scheer (University of Graz, Austria)   Teaching Empathy with the Social Justice Graphic Narrative: Strategic Narrative Empathy and Overcoming Borders in the Classroom Marie Dücker (University of Graz, Austria)   Urban Pedagogy Jorge Eliecer Chaparro Marino (University of Bielefeld, Germany)   Fostering Cultural Diversity and Critical Thinking through Socially Conscious Art History Pedagogy Vanessa S. Troiano (City University New York, USA)Heinrichstr. 36 11.01
12.15-13.15Lunch BreakUni Café at Heinrichstr. 36
13.15-14.45Panel V: Mediating Social Challenges in the Americas Chair: Julie Prochinig   Beauty is a Beast: Mediating Body Pedagogy through Disney Lisa Buchegger (University of Graz, Austria)   ‘Wealth’ and ‘Money’ as a Representative Symbol of the American Society – A Critical Review of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Selected Novels Fatmir Ramadani (AAB College Prishtina, Kosovo)   Passage and Moodle: Humanizing the Plight of Haitian Migrants in The Bahamas in the University Classroom Saskia Fürst (University of The Bahamas, Bahamas) Conference ClosingHeinrichstr. 36 11.01
15.30-17.00Graz Museum TourGraz Museum
17.00Drinks and Dinner (at own expenses) 
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