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Teacher Resources

DigLit Guide

The DigLit Guides presents the DigLit methodology that combines reading contemporary Young Adult Literature with digital storytelling in a step-by-step explanation useful for teachers who would like to foster reading and digital literacy. The guide includes an explanation for a digital social reading project and is suitable for B1+ English learners. The guide can be downloaded and printed out with handouts for the students included.

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What is digital storytelling?

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This 5-minute video gives a short explanation on how to do digital storytelling after having read a Young Adult novel. Ideally for B1+ English learners.

DigLit Digital Guide

The DigLit Digital Guide is based on the general guide but is designed to be used digitally with hyperlinks that link to the project website with more in-depth information and explanation of the designated steps. The guide is for teachers to be used with B1+ English learners.

DigLit Project Guide: Embracing Uniqueness

Embracing Uniqueness is a comprehensive project guide for a 4-week reading project designed for B1+ English learners. The guide is ready to be used for teachers and explains step-by-step how to carry out the project, including book choosing activities, booklet creations, blog entry writing, and digital storytelling.

Digital Storytelling Presentation

The digital storytelling presentation is a short presentation with the most important steps for how to do digital storytelling and can be downloaded and shown to students in class. Ideally for B1+ English learners, but also useable for lower levels if adapted a little bit.

DigLit Workshop Guide

The Workshop Guide is a comprehensive version ready to use for a 4-hour workshop on Young Adult Literature and Digital Storytelling. It is suitable for B1+ English learners. Ideally a Young Adult Book has been read before the workshop or extracts of one are prepared for the workshop.

Handout Multimodal Teaching

This handout can be used for a multimodal analysis of digital stories and is suitable for B1+ English learners. It is suggested to use this handout before doing digital storytelling.